Criminal Law Services

Criminal law is a set of rules framed for protecting the individual persons, victims. Not only for individuals or human beings but also protects the property, health safety and moral welfare of people and it is provided by the Best Criminal Lawyers in Chennai.
This criminal law varies according to territories but it is completely different from civil law.

Imporatant elements
In criminal offences two important elements are essential  to prove:

1) Actus reus
First one Actus reus is considered to be a physical act involved in committing the offence described in criminal law.
2)Mens rea
In Mens rea mere intention of the accused to commit an offence or knowledge of what he or she did was against the law.

Crime deals with many portions and branches.

  • Criminal Breach of Contract
  • Forgery
  • Negligence
  • Rioting and Affray
  • Criminal Defamation
  • Extortion
  • Inducing Delivery of Property
  • Stalking
  • White-Collar Crime
  • Corruption Charges etc.

Our law firm provides legal services throughout the territory relating to:

  • Bail
  • Anticipatory bail
  • quashing the FIR
  • charge sheet
  • warrant recall etc.

Civil Law Services

Civil law comes in to practice when there are non-criminal disputes between individuals

or organizations. Civil Lawyers deals with a variety of matters which we are going to discuss shortly. Like other branches of law, civil law is undoubtedly fundamental for the citizens to live peacefully without having to worry about their legal matters. The Solutions Law Firm offers the best and most eligible Civil Lawyers in Chennai who can proficiently help you fight for your rights as a valuable citizen.

It is the responsibility of every democratic country that the rights of its people are respected, and everyone is treated fairly and equally.

The law ensures that the legal matters will be taken care of seriously, and every individual will get justice when their legal values are violated. If you feel like your civil rights are violated, and someone has made discrimination against you, contact the most trusted civil attorney and discuss the matter. The federal and state law defines the extent of your public and judicial rights and your Civil Lawyers will help you with the case.

Solutions Law Firm with expert Civil Lawyers focuses on the Civil Disputes of individuals and specialized in protecting the rights of a person who is mistreated in anyway at work or in public on the bases of ethnicity, age, gender, or any other trait. We will guide you if your case is a valid dispute, and what can be done to solve it.

Family Law Services

Solutions Law Firm specialized in handling Divorce Law work efficiently. We Provide Top-notch Family Lawyers in Chennai for your case.
There are different reasons to appeal for a Divorce few important reasons are the cruelty of husband or husband relatives, Adultery, impotence, and disease. The disease includes any incurable disease either physical or mental. Every client should know that no court will hear Divorce petition within a year of marriage as per the Divorce act.


Divorce procedures to be followed in the court are as follows:
 First procedure to be followed in the divorce case is to sign a vakalat, which  gives your lawyer the right to represent you in court.
 Next procedure to follow for filing divorce petition in the court is, aggrieved person should submit the marriage certificate or marriage invitation,  two passport size photo and post card size marriage photo, aadhaar card details for proof.
 In the divorce petition facts should be mentioned or the grounds for divorce vary depending upon the religion of the divorcing parties, general grounds include adultery, physical or mental abuse, sexual impotency, either party has incurable disease or either party clinically insane.
 The  petition should contain the jurisdiction the of the court.
 Addition to the grounds for divorce, you must also provide income tax statements, salary information, details on living arrangements with children and family member.

Real Estate Law Services

Solutions Law Firm is absolutely a one-stop point on the whole sort of matters associated with the property. We work towards being a firm of the first choice for the clients seeking excellent legal advice from barristers with extensive experience in common and civil law along with especially involving property related matters.

Property Rights:

At first Right to Property was one among the Fundamental Rights within part 3 of Constitution of Indian, now it just a Legal Right under Part 12 by Article 300A of the Indian constitution which was created by the 44th Amendment Act of 1978.

Changing the ownership of an asset:

One can transfer their asset or possession to others in any mode such as sales, mortgages, and gifts. Our firm provides immense knowledge about legal property transfer, assisting our clients in judicial measures in transferring the possessions without any issues.

Some Indian Constitution Acts associated with transferring property:

The Transfer of Property Act 1882:

This act is to monitor the changeover of the authority of a possession legally from one person to one or multiple people in an appropriate method. A person can transfer his or her asset to a single or more people and can also mention when the transfer is going to happen that is at present or in the future.

Indian succession act 1925:

Stating a will legally who can take over the ownership of a property after his or her death.

Consumer Law Services

Who are consumers?

In CPA subsection 2, “consumer” is defined as a person: Each user’s goods, such as those that only purchase such things for consideration paying or agreed or partially paying or partly committed, or some method of deferred payment, are referred to and included in the buyout, where the usage is done with the permission of that person, but do not have people’s approval.

Commercial goods: It should also remember, however, that the “economic intent” should not include a person’s use of the products and services that are bought solely to make a living through self-employment.


Deficiencies of products or services: From the above definition, it can be observed, in whole or in part or under conditional payment schemes, i.e., in the case of a selling transaction: goods or services that have either been bought, rented, or used for consideration paid.

The goods acquired must not be resold or commercially intended. Products were bought by the retailers in their business and considered for resale during operation.

In addition to the buyer(s) of the goods, the tenant(s) or use(s) of the facility, of the service recipient, shall consider being a “use” under the statute, consumers of the products/services with the consent of the customer or tenant or owner.

Consumer Law firm

The appointment of a consumer lawyer means your reputation safeguarded as your claim against a corporation a range of customer complaints. Consumer legislation requires rules and regulations to establish a healthy consumer marketplace. The rules in consumer protection regulated under both state and federal legislation.

A consumer defense lawyer may help you if you believe you have been the object of an act that threatens your civil rights. A wide variety of fields protected by consumer rights attorneys, including consumer fraud, drug liability, misleading advertisements, and other industries “scam.”