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"We do legal profession in a service motive and we have well equipped trained lawyers"

We assure our clients of quality legal services through prompt, apt and timely action so as to provide best relief in a cost effective manner.

We believe that law has to be constructively administered for achieving optimum results in the shortest possible span of time.

Solutions Law Firm is one of the oldest and most respected full-service law firms. With full-fledged offices in major cities and various representative offices across India each practising all facets of law, Solutions Law Firm is regarded as a truly Indian law firm.

Some of our Services

We expertize in wide range of services as discussed below.

Civil Law Services

Civil law is nothing but, other than crime, it is a part of legal system that relates to individuals or personal matters.

Criminal Law Services

Criminal law is a set of rules framed for protecting the individual persons, victims. Not only for individuals or human.

Family Law Services

The grounds of family problems may vary from person to person, the main reasons are following, Adultery, cruelty of husband.

Real Estate

In common parlance the property indicates the economic status of a person. Generally, the property is held by an individual to draw out benefits from it.

Corporate Law Services

The role of our law firm, pertained to corporate companies is to ensure legality of commercial transactions advising on their legal.

Consumer Law Servies

Our law firm helps in consumer disputes to redress the unfair trade practices followed by the traders and doing business in unethical way.

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